Our guide to mileage reimbursement

UPDATED JAN 21, 2020

Welcome to our guide on mileage reimbursement and deduction in the US. Here, you'll find a collection of articles that will help you to navigate the rules for everything from reimbursing employees for their car expenses to deducting expenses as self-employed.

Knowing the rules and requirements for mileage logs, etc., is important as it might mean the difference between being taxed or not.

If you have questions like:

  • Is mileage reimbursement taxed as income? 
  • Are there requirements for mileage records? 
  • What are the current rates? 
  • Who sets the standard mileage rates? 
  • How to best track my mileage? 
  • Do I have to reimburse my employees?

... then we'll provide you with quick answers while including important details.

If you're an employer, we suggest you start with our guide for employers. We have a similar guide for self-employed and another for employees.

Check the menu for an overview of articles. We hope you find what you're looking for! If not, feel free to reach out and tell us what we missed.