Detailed GPS tracking

Get a full report of up to 20 trips per month. Export or share as PDF or Excel.

Trip management

Manage your trips, odometer readings and your favorite locations - from any web browser or phone.


9.50 USD
/ month

Same as Lite


Unlimited trips

Enables you to track and create documentation for as many trips as you like.

Auto track with an iBeacon

With an iBeacon in your vehicle, Driversnote will automatically log all trips taken in it.


30 USD
/ month*

Same as Basic


Admin tools

Share reports across your organization and manage user access.

A plan for every team size

Pay a fixed price based on the size of your team.

* 30 USD for 2-10 users, 125 USD for 11-50 users, 200 USD for 51-100 users

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