Driversnote iBeacon

Automatically track your trips

The Driversnote iBeacon keeps track of when you are in your vehicle and make sure the Driversnote mileage tracker records all your trips.

You will never have to press start/stop again.


What is an iBeacon?

The Driversnote iBeacon is a small Bluetooth device that transmits a signal that your phone can detect.

You put the iBeacon somewhere in your car, making it possible for the phone to automatically start and stop the Driversnote App, when your enter and leave your vehicle.

The device uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which requires a minimum amount of power.

Does it work with my iPhone?

iBeacons works on iPhone 4S and all models newer than that. But in general we recommend iPhone 5s or newer due to lower battery usage by the GPS.

Does it work with my Android?

We are working on it, but not yet. If you already have registered as a user, we will notify you.

How do I order?

You can order an iBeacon when you upgrade to the Basic Subscription. If you choose the yearly subscription, we will even send you an iBeacon for free.